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Key Applications & Uses

Ressauc – The Atmospheric friendly -Digital Counter, is predominantly useful as a Digital Counter of the objects that pass in front or across this device. This will additionally also showcase the current atmospheric Temperature (Degree Celsius) & Humidity (% RH[Relative Humidity]. Finally, it will also display the Time since the Device was On (Minutes & Seconds).

The Time 22.50 in the Time field of the App indicates it has been 22 minutes and 30 seconds since device was on.

Similarly if the same field shows 122.25 in the time field of the App, it indicates that it has been 122 minutes and 15 seconds since the Device was on, which is a touch above 2 Hours.

It's UPC. - Universal Product Code is : 880024188805 


Sample applications can such Devices be used (but not limited to below):

  • Assembly Line – Where Product count is needed in manufacturing units at precise atmospheric conditions ; like Pharma or Chemical Industry.
  • Crowded Public or Private - Places/Vehicles – Where count of the persons need to be regulated to avoid any kind of problems. The Bonus is the internal temperature and humidity display which can help in regulating the Air Conditioner suitably.
  • Similarly this device can be used creatively for any such applications.
  • Due to the nature of this Products technology, the shipping time processing may approximately be around 8-12 weeks.


Finally the Read Me Document and Product Terms are available in the Must Read page, which must be read upfront before purchase.


Key Links :


Ressauc- Product Launch - Announcement flyer


*Shipping charges to Domestic(Additional) - Flat Price - Across India.

However, International/Worldwide Charges Additional - Flat Price.


Ressauc - Product Demo

Ressauc-The Atmospheric friendly Digital Counter

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Unfortunately we do not offer any Return or Refund Policy.

  • Due to the nature of this Product technology, we need approximately 8-12 weeks for this Product to be processed and Shipped to you when this Product is not in our inventory stock.

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