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Micro Blogs - What is Fuselage?


Fuselage - This is a term used in Aircraft Engineering. Typically, it is the main body of the aircraft that keeps the passenger or cargo of an airplane. This body offers proper aerodynamics for a better flight design.

There are different types of Fuselage structures and is typically Cylindrical in shape so as to add to the aerodynamics of the airplane.






ALTA TECHBIZ – – Solutioning : Engineering Business  ; is a small remote IT & Technology services and Product Business entity. Our Key Service and Product portfolio encompasses : Training; Software, Information Technology and Engineering related remote Services (on flexible Partime – Freelance basis) & Engineering Products (Software, Information Technology and Engineering Products & readymade Digital Photographs for download).

Please reach us to serve technology to you.



On the Product front:


Software Product

We also have currently 1 Software Product for sale – Net Speed Blaze Fire. This software enhances your Internet Browsing experience by providing enhanced Speed and Connecting using technology optimization. For Purchasing or knowing more about this Product – please visit our website link :

Hardware Product

We also have currently 1 Hardware Product for sale – Ressauc. This Hardware system is an automatic digital counter for any living or non living objects passing across it along with detecting the atmospheric temperature and humidity and the time since device was on. For Purchasing or knowing more about this Product – please visit our website link :


Food Engineering Product

Xaquinodo - The Eatable Food Snack - Cracking Taste and Beaming Health.

Xaquinodo – Is our latest Food Engineering Product. It consists of right blend of Nuts blended with Eclectic spices, to make a tasty and healthy snack.Eat it during tea/coffee time or watching movies or that favourite sport and indulge your taste buds with this Nut Snack that is simple but yet tasty and healthy.A notable factor is, it is low on Fat content and is predominantly Air Fried and roasted and not Deep Oil Fried, thus making this a touch healthier. We also predominantly use Organic Contents here. ALTA TECHBIZ does its best to care for you; its customers.

 Please visit the link :

Training Products 

We currently offer Online Digital Courses in the following areas :

A)      Network Engineering

B)      Engineering/IT/Software - Project Software,

C)      Linux

D)      Six Sigma

E)       VLSI. Design

F)       Software Testing/Quality Assurance

G)     Embedded Systems Engineering

H)      Product Management – Engineering / Information Technology.                


All these are short certificate oriented courses at basic to intermediate level. To enrol or know more about these courses , kindly visit the below link :


Readymade Technology Solution Products 

Technology Framework Solutions Series. This will act as a reference guide for you to implement any suitable or applicable solution. To start with we are beginning with Enterprise wide Testing Framework Architecture.

Note: You will need some relevant Technical and / Management skills to implement this. This is not an exhaustive training course but a high level practical reference guide.




Digital Photographs for ready Online Download

We currently offer Digital Online Photographs on various themes, it can be directly downlaoded after online Purchase. Please visit the below link for availing the same :




On the Service front : Information Technology(IT.)/Software/Technology Part time – Freelance Services


We currently offer Online Remote – Information Technology, Software and Engineering  - Technical and Management Services/Consulting . We offer this only in select topics/areas. We do this on Freelance, part time flexible basis. We work on low volume basis and low complexity projects owing to the nature of business entity.

Please visit below link to know more about and availing our Service Catalogue offerings :




Micro Blogs


We offer tiny blogs, easy to assimilate on a periodic basis on Technology, Management and related areas.


To know more about the blogs, please reach the below link :




Please reach us via the below means for any further clarification. We wish our prospective esteemed customers – Best wishes.


Please find our Terms and Conditions in the below link; kindly ensure to read it before availing any of our Products and services (Mandatorily)



Our other Market Places


We are currently not selling our Products/Services on any other marketplaces except the ones mentioned below and also do not encourage re sell on these or any other platform means.


Our Technology Services Marketplace

Upwork :


Our Online Digital Non Live Course/ Technology Solution Marketplace



Our Digital Readymade Photograph Marketplace

Shutterstock :




Our Physical Products Marketplace






Our combined Marketplace

Bharat MSME Global Mart



Reaching Us


We can be reached by the below means :

By Instant Chat , By Contact Form , By Whatsapp.


All these can be availed from our Contact Us Page.


Please visit our below link for the same.



Our Flyers/Advertisement Videos   (ALTA TECHBIZ – Advertisement) - Generic   ( Net Speed Blaze Fire Software App – Advertisement) - Specific    (ALTA TECHBIZ – Advertisement) – Generic (Ressauc – Advertisement) – Specific (Readymade Technology Framework Solutions) ( Xaquinodo – The Eatable Food snack – Cracking Taste and Beaming Health)



Our YouTube channel



Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks & Regards

    Rajeev Raghu Raman Arunachalam




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