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Blog 6 - Micro Blogs - Project Management

ALTA TECHBIZ – Tiny Sized Informative Blogs

Technology Project Management- - ALTA TECHBIZ. Please visit for any small-scale Information Technology (IT.)/ Software/ Engineering& Management Solutions

Technology Project Management is the art of managing an Engineering Project through its entire lifecycle. It has a definite beginning, a definite purpose, and a definite end. Typically, a Project will have 5 phases: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control & Monitor & finally Closure.

It is also important to note that Project Management is different from Product Management.

The Project Management phases are explained as below:

Initiate -> Here project kick-off happens - Project feasibility - Go - No go decisions happen.

Plan -> Here various project parameters are discussed, estimates for cost and duration are laid, tools, logistics and resources are laid down.

Execute - > Here we execute the project as per plan.

Control & Monitor - We control and monitor the project execution. Any plan deviations are recorded, and corrective measures are applied as needed.

Closure - Finally once the project exit criteria is met, the project ends and all resources are released to a different project and complete documentation is handed over to the relevant stakeholders after project signoff.

There are various reputed Project Management endorsing organizational bodies which update project management frameworks on a timely basis and offer certification in these areas.


Fig : - Project Management Lifecycle

Disclaimer : The above Blog is Author's own perception and the reality may have some variance.

This is revisiting some of the older Blogs already sent.

ALTA TECHBIZ – – Solutioning : Engineering Business ; is a small remote IT & Technology services and Product Business entity. Our Key Service and Product portfolio encompasses : Training; Software, Information Technology and Engineering related remote Services (on flexible Partime – Freelance basis) & Engineering Products (Software, Information Technology and Engineering Products).

On the Product front:

Software Product

We also have currently 1 Software Product for sale – Net Speed Blaze Fire. This software enhances your Internet Browsing experience by providing enhanced Speed and Connecting using technology optimization. For Purchasing or knowing more about this Product – please visit our website link :

Training Products

We currently offer Online Digital Courses in the following areas :

A) Network Engineering

B) Engineering/IT/Software - Project Software,

C) Linux

D) Six Sigma

E) VLSI. Design

F) Software Testing/Quality Assurance

G) Embedded Systems Engineering

H) Product Management – Engineering / Information Technology.

All these are short certificate oriented courses at basic to intermediate level. To enrol or know more about these courses , kindly visit the below link :

Digital Photographs for ready Online Download

We currently offer Digital Online Photographs on various themes, it can be directly downlaoded after online Purchase. Please visit the below link for availing the same :

On the Service front

We currently offer Online Remote – Information Technology, Software and Engineering - Technical and Management Services/Consulting . We offer this only in select topics/areas. We do this on Freelance, part time flexible basis. We work on low volume basis and low complexity projects owing to the nature of business entity.

Please visit below link to know more about and availing our Service Catalogue offerings :

Micro Blogs

We offer tiny blogs, easy to assimilate on a periodic basis on Technology, Management and related areas.

To know more about the blogs, please reach the below link :

Please reach us via the below means for any further clarification. We wish our prospective esteemed customers – Best wishes.

Please find our Terms and Conditions in the below link; kindly ensure to read it before availing any of our Products and services (Mandatorily)

Reaching Us

We can be reached by the below means :

By Instant Chat , By Contact Form , By Whatsapp.

All these can be availed from our Contact Us Page.

Please visit our below link for the same.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards

Rajeev Raghu Raman Arunachalam


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