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Network Engineering - A journey from Beginner

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You can learn all the Concepts of Network Engineering at basic level . Every phase of Network Engineering is well explained starting from History to mini hands on stages. Basic level of Hands On training is provided for our esteemed students to get a feel of the real life scenario. Network Career track Peek, Key buzz topics on Topologies , Key Certifying institutes and more are some of the addons, you will get in this course. Pre Requisites: Basic Education should be sufficient, however an Engineering or Technical or IT or Software Background will be slightly more helpful. This course is for those wanting to career shift into Network Engineering/IT/Software/ related Project Management roles, also for people having little background or experience in IT/Software/Engineering and related roles and want to progress into Network Engineering areas. Course is targeted at Beginner to Intermediate Level Journey. Sample Introductory lesson link: We are also mobile friendly with our Web App in your mobile browser directly. You need not download and install any Apps. Please ignore the App Link SMS. request below if applicable. Alternatively, you can order now and Pay after you get Payment invoice from us. Please ensure to provide the email id. registered with our Portal in the payment link.

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