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Xaquinodo – Is our latest Food Engineering Product.


It consists of right blend of Nuts blended with Eclectic spices, to make a tasty and healthy snack.

Eat it during tea/coffee time or watching movies or that favourite sport and indulge your taste buds with this Nut Snack that is simple but yet tasty and healthy.

A notable factor is, it is low on Fat content and is predominantly Air Fried and roasted and not Deep Oil Fried, thus making this a touch healthier. We also predominantly use Organic Contents here. ALTA TECHBIZ does its best to care for you; its customers.

Its hygienically prepared and stored in Freshness bag. Once opened it needs to be stored in refrigeration and needs to be consumed within a week and maximum within 3 weeks from Delivery Date.
This is a pure vegetarian product. It may contain small traces of Onion and/or Garlic as part of its spice mix.

This Product has a UPC. [Universal Product Code] - 880023774160

Note : ALTA TECHBIZ takes utmost care in quality of this product but will not be responsible for any kind of negative incidents occurring owing to consumption of this product in any way.


Note: There is an approximate minimum wait of up to 2 week from Order date to Delivery/Shipping Date .[May Vary slightly]


Each unit is 100 gms .


Ingredients :      Cashewnut , Pistachio , Almonds , Peanuts

Eclectic Spices / Herbs, Salt, Chilli Powder for taste :

              A dash of Pure Ghee.


Xaquinodo - The eatable food Snack that has Cracking Taste & Beaming Health

SKU: P-F-X-00
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹298.00Sale Price
Excluding Tax
  • This product also does not carry a Return Policy. Please read our Must See website Page

  • Approximate Total Nutritional Facts as per standard website(We may not be responsible for its accuracy)

    Calories     765

    Fat              65G

    Sodium     10.39 mg

    Carbohyderates   26.2 G

    Fiber          9g

    Sugar        5.9G

    Protein      23.7 g

    Potassium    270mg

    Vitamin E – 7.4mg

    Magnesium – 158 mg

    Manganese - .4mg

    • Vitamin B6: 0.1mg
    • Vitamin K: 10.7mcg

    Vitamin A : 107.5 mcg

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