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Please read all the below content carefully, it may take about 5-10 minutes of your valuable time but will be beneficial for you.


Please mandatorily complete App request Form(link mentioned below) after purchasing and placing the order of this App(After Success Payment message display). This will ensure proper License and software generation for delivery. Please also carefully note the Payment Mode and Transaction Id. after purchase of this App, which is to be provided in the form below.


App request Form Link



This App enhances your Internet User Experience by using good Technology optimizations to provide you slightly improved Internet Speed and connectivity and in the process a better overall browsing experience. This App works with Microsoft Windows - Desktop and Laptops only (Windows 10 & 11 Home).This Product License is for Lifetime, however we may come up with Product updates in future, which may be purchased at a different price if applicable and needed. Any non purchase of an upgraded version will not adversely impact the current purchased version as long as the existing status quo is maintained. Please also read this App Read Me document and Master product agreement before purchase and ensure App License and copyrights are honoured.

We are currently selling our Products from our own website(this) only ( and do not authorize 3rd Party resale.

We also do not offer refunds, please read the Product Terms and Conditions Document and Read Me Companion Document before purchase.



Product Agreement

Please Read the Must Read - Page from Menubar on our website


Net Speed Blaze Fire App - Read Me

Please Read the Must Read - Page from Menu bar on our website


We assume that all our esteemed customers have read and accepted our Product Agreement and App Read Me document before purchase.


Note: We undertake only limited orders per day (as mentioned in the Inventory in the cart page), hence please confirm upfront before making payment for purchase. Please reach us via the Contact/Reach Us Page from the menu bar for enquiries. Any inconvenience due to delay is regretted.

Please ensure Product License, Copyrights and the Product Agreement are honoured.


Sometime the performance effect may not be obvious and may need repeatative usage for obvious results.


We will not be responsible for any non compliance of the above.

Net Speed Blaze Fire

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Excluding Tax
  • This Software Application(App) has no Return or Refund Policy. Please check the App Read Me / Read Me Companion  Document and Master Product Agreement before Purchase)  .


  • This Product is a Software Application that is Lightweight and hence does not need any In Person Courier Delivery. Instead there will be a seamless Digital delivery of this App and related files either sent directly to Customer's Email along with the License or via Shared Drive Link sent to the Customer's Email .

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