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Service Wing Slot for projects spanning from few days upto 6 months on a limited parttime freelance basis is currently Open
Tentative Wait time is approximately : Not Applicable .
Please reach us via the Contact/Reach us WebPage for more details.

For Long Term Service Projects (Few days up  to 6 months), Please refer to our Service Page upfront before proceeding to read this Page 

Please use these online booking links for booking calendar for Initial Project Feasibility discussion and also follow up 1 time Consultation respectively in the block link below. In addition, we also have Live Online Classes in below mentioned topics. Typically, the Initial discussion Booking is done for 1 time to determine Project feasibility for Long term service Projects(Few days upto 6 months) and also sometimes as a pre cursor to 1 time Follow Up Consultation Walkthrough) and the Follow Up Consulting Booking is done for 1 time Consulting projects on any feasible project/topic like Process Flow Diagrams, Troubleshooting, Crash/Quick Coaching etc. in areas similar to that listed in our Service Catalogue in Service Page - (, after the initial discussion is over. We usually communicate over Google Video chat, but can be flexible as needed or suitable. We also accomodate Non-Live 1 time Consultation if needed, where all factors will remain the same except for the Live presence component. Our Service Wing and Consultation slot availability indicator is showcased in the top left of this page. Open indicates available now and closed indicates busy and booked and hence you may have to reach back later, as per mentioned wait time. The wait time can be anywhere between 1 day to several weeks. Please check this link periodically. We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience due to delay. We also assume all our esteemed customers have read and accepted our Product Agreement before availing any of our Products.
Agreement Link -

With regard to our Live Training, we deliver short and crisp series of sessions, spanning just 30 minutes each, so that it can fit your busy lifestyle and schedule needs flexibly and also there is no significant loss just in case, you miss the odd 1 session due to any emergency and you can catchup easily. In addition, some recent research tells that our concentration span for a session is better for shorter sessions only, rather than lengthier sessions. As each session is just 30 minutes, please ensure to login on time. We wish you all the success.

Some Key Points to keep in mind for both Live Consultation and Live Training sessions for our esteemed Clients:

->Please be noted that we may anytime change the Session timings or duration based on ALTA TECHBIZ Staff availability or any other reason. We kindly request our esteemed customers to adapt to this temporary change if applicable, as it is just a Short session series.

->Usually, a High level Rough handout may be provided to our esteemed Clients after the session. However, we also recommend our Clients to make quick notes on the fly.

->We plan to have Questions & Answers(Q & A) relevant to what was discussed in the session, by providing a 2-3 minutes session for any quick clarification/ Q & A if any; towards the end of the session.

->In case of availing 1 time Consulting Walkthrough session (in case work effort is beyond default time) / Long Term Service Project (Few days up to 6 months) ;We encourage fractional advance prepay amount(custom as discussed/agreed) before making this booking and pending amount to be made after availing the Consultation/As per contract. 

->Once booking or Pre Pay payment is made (after success message is shown); please ensure to note down the Payment mode and Payment Transaction Id. carefully and then, kindly come back here to the below link and fill and submit the Live Consultation/Training form.

->Please ensure to have a quick upfront discussion via our Instant Chat or Contact Form from the Contact/Reach Us Page in the menu bar, before making the Booking.

->Additionally We offer Consultations of Low Complexity only. Our Training are of grade Level Beginner to Intermediate Level and our Target Audience are Beginners primarily. 

-> During the consultation booking , please ensure you click on the below suitable selected Consulting and click Book Now , then read the contents and then select book now again. On the calendar page - Click on Check Next availability , and then select the date from the calendar and the time as displayed, that is shown under next availability and add your any message that you are willing to share and then hit Book Now. The Booking is now done. Please now go back to Booking for live Page; scroll to the bottom of the page and then fill the Adhoc/Miscellaneous Payment Form, then make the payment for the displayed amount as suitable. After successfull payment, note the transaction details and then please come back to Booking for Live page, then fill the Live Prepay Tracker and submit. Please ensure the payment is done immediately(within 15 minutes) after Booking to avoid booking cancellation. Follow similar steps for Booking Live Training as well. The order is deemed complete after this step.

->We do not offer refunds and assume that you have read, understood and accepted our Product agreement and our website instructions and content before Purchase of this Product. Any inconvenience due to this is regretted.

-> Currently we limit ourselves to the syllabus listed below in the Course Description. 

->Kindly read our Consulting /Product Agreement before Purchase or Booking from the link :

We will not be responsible for any of the non compliance of the above.

Please note: We also offer Non - Live(Offline) training courses that can be taken at flexible time and pace on the below Course Topics; please visit our Alta Techbiz Digital Academy(Non Live) Page for the same. Link :


Please scroll below to check and avail our Live Services (Consultation & Training). Please ensure that you carefully note down the Payment mode and Payment Transaction Id. in the Purchase Cart Page, once you click on the below services as applicable. Then after purchase(after success Payment Message displayed), please come back immediately to fill up the below form for us to process your request. Your request is deemed complete, only after this step. Alternatively, you can make the booking upfront and then we will send you the Payment details invoice, post which you can come to this page, make the payment via Adhoc/MIscellaneous Payment form (bottom of this page). Then after payment success message, note the Payment details (like transaction id ; again come back to this page and fill this Live Consultation Payment tracker. The whole process must complete within 1 day of the booking date, beyond which the order request is deemed cancelled. We will not be responsible for any non compliance of the above.

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If you have availed 1 time Consultation service, please let us know if you want Live or Non Live Consultation. (All Components remain the same, except for the Live Walkthrough for the Live Mode). This can be skipped, if you have availed Live Training Session.

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